Comptronix CX-4181 Scriptable Control System

CX-4181 Scriptable Control System


Cost 1200
Total Mass 0.12t
Drag 0.2
Crash Tolerance 9
Max. Temp. 3400

The CX-4181 Scriptable Control System is a programmable autopilot.


Add the Compotronix SCS part to your vessel; it’s under the “Control” category in the Vehicle Assembly Building or Space Plane Hanger. After hitting launch, you can right-click on the part and select the “Open Terminal” option. This will give you access to the KerboScript interface where you can begin issuing commands and writing programs.


"Would you trust life and limb to a mindless autopilot, powered by untested software you hastily wrote yourself? Spacefaring kerbals would!"

Comptronix CEO