Provides a library of scripts for launching, orbital maneuvering (changing apoapsis and periapsis), and executing a node (a.k.a. node chaser).


Works with KSP 0.22.0 and kOS 0.9.2.

What's new?Edit

  1. Greatly increased accuracy of the LaunchToOrbit script. Default setting is for a low Kerbin orbit at 80km. I could achieve altitudes at 80500+-500m for periapsis and apoapsis.
  2. steer script reliably waits until ship is fully oriented, then quits.
  3. warpfor script has been extended to support all warp levels.

Launch To OrbitEdit

LaunchToOrbit gets your ship in low Kerbin orbit.

  1. controlled velocity during atmospheric ascent. Velocity will not exceed 200 m/s up to 13500m.
  2. controlled gravity turn. This example uses a cosine modulated turn. Start and end altitude are configurable.
  3. Automated stage transition when out of fuel (using when-then clauses). Needs to be adapated depending on configuration.
  4. Compensating for atmospheric drag when coasting to apoapsis.
  5. Time warp while coasting to apoapsis.
  6. Calculation of target velocity for circular orbit.
  7. Orbit insertion burn based on deltav as determined by aponode. Burn thrust will be throttled just before the end for increased accuracy.
  8. Turn the ship to Kerbin north pole orientation (R(-90,0,0) when in orbit. To make sure solar cells are receiving light. Direction to be customized.
  9. Extend antenna, lights, etc using an action group. TO be customized.
  10. Todo: limit thrust based on atmospheric drag.
run ltoa.

Orbital ManeuveringEdit

  1. create maneuver node at periapsis for changing apopsis altitude (recommended as it is more efficient)
run perinode(mun:altitude).
  1. create maneuver node at apoapsis for changing perapsis altitude, for example to cirularise an orbit:
run aponode(apoapsis).
  1. node execution script. The script will
  • warp to 1min before burn
  • orient the ship for the burn
  • warp to burn
  • burn full throttle, then
  • for accurate deltav throttle down nearing burn end.
run exenode.

Helper scriptsEdit

  1. Wait for dt seconds. Warps automatically.
run warpfor(dt).
run warpto(time:seconds+60).
  1. Sets a body's properties global variables. A.k.a. "body database" by other kOS developers. Loads body specific properties for the current body.
  • Gravitational parameter mu
  • body radius rb
  • atmosphere height ha
  • low orbit altitude lorb
currently works for Kerbin, Mun and Minmus. The constants are used in the aponode and perinode scripts.
run bodyprops.
  1. wait for ship to orient, then return
lock direction to prograde + R(90,0,0).
run steer(direction).

Planned extensionsEdit

  1. Mun/Minmus transfer burn and injection
  2. descent & landing w/ and w/o atmosphere
  3. ascent w/o atmosphere
  4. interplanetary transfers
  5. docking (requires kOS thruster support)

Download filesEdit

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