Provides a library of scripts for orbital maneuvering, changing apoapsis and periapsis, and executing a node (a.k.a. node chaser). Works with KSP 0.22.0 and kOS 0.9.2.


  1. create maneuver node at periapsis for changing apopsis altitude (recommended as it is more efficient)
run per1(mun:altitude).
  1. create maneuver node at apoapsis for changing perapsis altitude, for example to cirularise an orbit:
run apo1(apoapsis).
  1. node execution script. The script will
  • turn the ship to node:deltav
  • warp to the maneuver node
  • burn full throttle, then
  • for accurate deltav throttle down nearing burn end.
run nod1.

Helper scriptsEdit

  1. Wait for dt seconds. Warps automatically.
run warp(dt).
  1. Sets a body's properties global variables:
  • Gravitational parameter mu
  • body radius rb
currently works for Kerbin, Mun and Minmus. The constants are used in the apo1 and per1 scripts.
run bdp(Kerbin).

Download filesEdit

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