Usage of the new TemplatesEdit

Commands are now added as:

{{com | unique_name |  commands_and_arguments_described_below | description_and_examples}}

for the unique_name are no whitespaces or special chars allowed. Use underlines _ or minus - instead.
  • There are commands: (or parts of them)
    • which are added with co (for command)
      {{co | list_of_commands }}
  • and there are two kinds of arguments:
    1. describing ones: E.g. variable or integer or something_i_havent_thought_of_yet
      which are added with DArg (for describing argument)
      {{DArg | list_of_describing_arguments }}
    2. fixed ones: E.g. RCS or SAS or alike
      which are added with Arg (for argument)
      {{Arg | list_of_arguments }}
  • Alternatives of commands or arguments are separated within the markup with | since | isn't allowed
  • All arguments(lists) should be start with < and end with >
  • Everything which is optional should be put in [ and ]
  • Explicit needed whitespaces between commands and arguments please write down as &nbsp;
  • = have to be masked as {{=}}, too

You can use everything I have edited today (September 26, 2013) as example.

Other Infos about the PageEdit

Section: Explanations: will be merged with Kerboscript.

Styles used in this page are currently not working cause I need admin right to edit the css files.

Things I have to somehow implement on the page:Edit

  • public enum ExecutionState { NEW, DONE, WAIT };
  • public enum SpecialKey { HOME, END, DELETE };
  • public enum SystemMessage { CLEARSCREEN, SHUTDOWN, RESTART }
  • static String[] OperatorList = new String[] { "==", "=", "<=", ">=", "<", ">", "-", "+", "/", "*", "^" };
  • static String[] SpecialOperatorList = new String[] { "^\\sAND\\s", "^\\sOR\\s" };
  • also Missing: q() r() v() not seen in the source though, but that's just my fault...
I am still working on this page, so please stay patient.

I continue editing in the new templates later, can't concentrate anymore today. --BiZZ Keryear (talk) 15:34, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

BiZZ Keryear (talk) 02:01, September 18, 2013 (UTC)