k-OS (0.9.2) broke when KSP 0.23 was releasedEdit

KSP 0.23 changed a few key things about the API used for writing KSP mods, and these changes caused k-OS 0.9.2 to break. The most obvious effect of this that the user sees is that you cannot focus the keyboard input into the k-OS terminal window. It stays 'greyed out' no matter what you do or where you click. The reason this remains a problem is that the official owner and creator of the k-OS mod has been impossible to reach through any means of communication for a few months now, and it was during this time that KSP 0.23 was released. There are plans to have somebody else make a new follow-on version of k-OS with its own new Spaceport page, but as of this writing that has not occurred yet.

k-OS (0.9.2) is currently incompatible with:Edit

  • Remote Tech and never will since it is stopped developed. But Remote Tech 2 implements a kOS support that might or might not be still buggy.
  • KMP (Kerbal Multiplayer) v0.1.0 EXPERIMENTAL PRE-ALPHA, and won't probably for a while since it isn't a kOS but a KMP problem and it seems that there aren't enough users who demanding there a support of kOS.

Other known issues:Edit

  • A bug in saving variables (version 0.7 till 0.9.2 and no signs that it will be fixed in the version[s] after) causes KSP to lag and some parts of the vehicle to disappear.
    see: GitHub Issue 220
Workaround if it has appeared: Edit the persistent.sfs manually (and delete there all kOS variables) and restart the game.
OR faster: Quicksave, do the thing above with the quicksave.sfs and then quickload.
But remember: Always do a backup of those files before editing!
also see:Steven Madings post 'Temporary workaround for the "on-rails" ship truncation bug.' in the KSP Forum
  • Some of the keyboard inputs are let through. Known are the X and the del key (only del not backspace).
    Its currently not known why those will be interpreted by KSP therefore is no fix available.
    Best solutions is to avoid both in critical situations.
also see GitHub kOS issue 221 and issue 211

Old Versions:Edit

In case of incompatibilities or other troubles you can try older versions of the mod which I store at my Google drive 12:30, October 9, 2013 (UTC) ~BiZZ Keryear~  |  Talk to me

Known issues of outdated versions:Edit

  • Version 0.85 had issues with parenthesized expression spanning over multiple lines.
That was fixed in the next release. See at github
  • Version 0.84 is fairly fixed, but still has issues. If you have trouble use Version 0.71 instead.
  • Versions 0.8 till 0.83 had so heavy issues that it can considered as broken.
  • kOS 0.85 is not compatible (as in part is not showing up) with the 0.22 career mode unless you add
    TechRequired = advFlightControl
    to the part.cfg file
You can also integrate kOS into probe cores/capsules. See Modding Stock Parts for further details.
tech tree support added in 0.9.x
  • Version numbering is neither correct nor consistent.
Instead of 0.8x it should be 0.8.x. This is only important since after 0.9(.x) there will be a 0.10(.x) and so on. If the shtf we might even reach 0.80(.x) before going to 1.x.x .
consistent version numbering is used from 0.9.x onward