Like other mods, simply merge the contents of the zip file into your Kerbal Space Program folder.

NOTE: As of 0.5, it must be unzipped into the KSP folder, NOT the gamedata folder.  If you put the contents into the gamedata folder, the mod will not function.

NOTE: As of 0.6 and higher, the mod goes now into the GameData folder while the archive folder stays in <KSP base folder> | Plugins | PluginData | Archive

NOTE: The archive folder now is in <KSP base folder> | Ships | Script

NOTE: As of 0.12, the EDIT command no longer works in the in-game terminal (there is no editor). The archive folder (in note above) may either be created manually or automatically created by starting the game, opening a terminal and typing: SWITCH TO 0. followed by LOG "<some words>" TO <filename>. Do not include the .txt extension. After the archive folder is created, files may be created and edited as .txt files using notepad or any other external editor. They are available immediately without any restart required.

As of 0.12.2, (For 0.23.5) EDIT works again! Back to having both options ( In and Out of game).


  1. Add the KR-2042 b SCS(Compotronix) part to your vessel, it’s under the “Control” category in the Vehicle Assembly Building or Space Plane Hanger.
  2. After hitting launch, you can right-click on the part and select the “Open Terminal” option. This will give you access to the KerboScript interface where you can begin issuing commands and writing programs.

KOS Mod Introduction and Demo

KOS Mod Introduction and Demo

Modding the Mod
Or how to use it with the stock parts

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