This ascent script will deliver a payload in near Kerbin orbit. Currently it is hardcoded to 100km. Cirularisation quality is ~ 1% (abs(apoapsis - periapsis) / apoapsis + periapsis). Works with KSP 0.22.0 and kOS 0.9.2.


  1. controlled velocity during atmospheric ascent. Velocity will not exceed 200 m/s up to 13500m.
  2. controlled gravity turn. This example uses a cosine modulated turn. Start and end altitude are configurable.
  3. Automated stage transition when out of fuel (using when clauses). Needs to be adapated depending on configuration.
  4. Time warp while coasting to apoapsis.
  5. Calculation of target velocity for circular orbit.
  6. Orbit insertion burn based on target velocity. Burn thrust will be throttled just before the end for increased accuracy.

Download filesEdit

Baloan (talk) 20:50, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

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