Launch Sequence Utilizing Loops (Kevin Laity) Edit

set tVal to 1.

lock throttle to tVal.
lock steering to up + R(0,0,180).
print "Launch!".

until altitude > 10000
  if verticalspeed > 210
    set tVal to tVal – 0.02.

lock steering to up + R(0,0,180) + R(0,-60,0).
print "Beginning gravity turn.".

wait 5.

until throttle = 1
  set tVal to tVal + 0.02.
  if tVal > 1 { set tVal to 1. }.
// Program proceeds with staging and reaching orbit from here.

Note: This file is publicly editable and might contain malicious code.
Please exercise caution when using.
Launch Sequence Utilizing Loops.txt view

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