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If downloads only look right when seen linked-to from another page, then why link people to them directly?

The idea to have a category that direct-links to the downloads when the downloads look wrong unless included by another page is a bad idea.

If the downloads ONLY look right when inside of other pages and linked to appropriately, then why give the user a way to get to them directly?  If you click on categories and then on the downloads, you can't actually download them from there that way anyway so what's the point of direct accessing them like that?  Just remove the category entirely so that people only can get to the files from the pages that link to them.

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Or alternatively, instead of having category:downloads point to the .txt files themselves, which will format incorrectly on the screen, and cannot be downloaded from that type of direct link anyway, have them point to wrappers around them that have the right link.  Is there a way to do that automaically?


Well it basically exists to provide a easy way to the files for editing them. If the script on the parent page is edited, then also has the download page to be edited. Otherwise they wouldn't match.

Maybe its not the best solution, but the best I can come up with so far.

I am open for better ideas. ...I might try something ... if that's better I give it a shoot.


Do you have premission to add "TXT" to the list of allowed filename extensions for the Special:Upload page?  (I know that it SAYS it's for uploading images but that's Wikia trying to be "user friendly" and in the process outright lying about how the mediawiki software works.)  That's actually the page for uploading ANY sort of raw file that isn't meant to be wiki formatted - a PDF, an image, a video clip, a sound file, etc.  Perhaps allowing it to have text files would make that the better way to go.  Text files would be uploaded in the same way images are.  The advantage this would have is that when users direct link to them they'll get to the generic "downaload this file" interface instead of to a page that (incorrectly) tries to wiki format the content.


The thing is I think its better to be able to edit them "on the fly". Beside from that it also show up cfg & craft files. And who don't know what. I move everything to internal/whatever and also edit the Category pages and leave a comment there.


how sound These Pages are not meant to opened directly, but from a link from another page, unless you are about to edit them. ...


Argh, tripple post ...

added a template
which adds a explaining text in a popup and provides a download link. it will be used in the comments under the file. Now I will update everything.


I've seen those around.  It's a good workaround.  But I'd make a minor change to the English grammar if I understood where templates are supposed to be edited (I can't find them on the interface).

Right now it says "This page are not meant....".

Which doesn't sound right to a native English speaker because "This" is singular and "are" is plural.

If it's singular it should be: "This page is not meant...."

and if it's plural it should be: "These pages are not meant..."


Hm.  I just noticed something about the "This page are not meant..:" popup message.  I don't know if this is only true in my browser or if it's true in all of them, but if the page is too long to fit on one screenfull, the popup won't show up until you scroll the page down to the bottom.  While you're looking at the top of the page, the popup isn't there yet.  Is there a way to change its location to the top of the page so it will appear as soon as it loads?  (I don't know how it's implemented so I don't know).


Unfortunately the popup is a comment, and by default that won't be loaded until "its in reach". But I requested that the comments will be loaded when the page is loading. But that will take some days until its done. Also I have made changes to the dl template and added a rf template

The rf will display the downloadable file as <code><pre> within the article page.

Changed all sites so far already.

edit: Still dunno what to do to provide an easy way to edit them, though. Cause I figured out you can't use Categories or they will be attached. (and breaking them)

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