I found a way to make Kerboscripts downloadable.

  • Just add {{dl|scriptname.txt}} anywhere in you article.
    This is an template named dl, that means you can either write dl or Dl but not DL.
    • Then add the script on the wiki page to wikipage/scriptname.txt in source mode.
    • Just the script. Do not add wiki script or anything else.
    • Please also do not add any Category to a downloadable text file, it might break it.
    As long as you haven't added a script there the link you have created will bring you to the edit page.
    If you looking for your scripts to edit them later you might find the link here: Special:AllPages
    • This also works with all kinds of other text-files like
      1. crafts or
      2. cfg files (e.g. Module Manager).
      3. csv files and alike are also thinkable

Please add to each text file you create the template {{dnv}} as first comment.

It will create a explaining popup.
I also made the template {{rf|<text_file>}} which will include the text file into an article.

Please have a look at Template:dl and Template:rf to see how to use them.