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• 10/15/2013

[how to] add downloadable Kerboscripts to articles

I found a way to make Kerboscripts downloadable.

  • Just add {{dl|scriptname.txt}} anywhere in you article.
    This is an template named dl, that means you can either write dl or Dl but not DL.
    • Then add the script on the wiki page to wikipage/scriptname.txt in source mode.
    • Just the script. Do not add wiki script or anything else.
    • Please also do not add any Category to a downloadable text file, it might break it.
    As long as you haven't added a script there the link you have created will bring you to the edit page.
    If you looking for your scripts to edit them later you might find the link here: Special:AllPages
    • This also works with all kinds of other text-files like
      1. crafts or
      2. cfg files (e.g. Module Manager).
      3. csv files and alike are also thinkable

Please add to each text file you create the template {{dnv}} as first comment.

It will create a explaining popup.
I also made the template {{rf|<text_file>}} which will include the text file into an article.

Please have a look at Template:dl and Template:rf to see how to use them.

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• 10/15/2013

Correction to the iinstructions above.  It turns out the "DL" in the example MUST be in lowercase for it to work, but your example shows it in uppercase.

It took me a while to figure out that was what I was doing wrong.

• 10/15/2013

Ah sorry, my fault, it can be either Dl or dl, but not DL

Edit: Updated the description, to make it less confusing. Also corrected an error in the rf template which leads to a wrong destination if the textfile not exists.

• 10/15/2013

This is better.  Also, the edits you made to the page I uploaded are fine.  I just looked them over.

• 10/16/2013

Well you can(/I could) imagine how structure improves the readability .

• 11/11/2013

This information needs to be in the main wiki itself so people can find it easier, rather than just in the discussions page..

Most wikis have a section that's meta-information about the wiki itself.  It should go there.

• 11/19/2013

But where to put?

Sorry I was a little time so busy I couldn't do anything on the computer.

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